Peakboard Script Types

The following overview describes the types of scripts available with Peakboard.


Timer scripts are always used when an action is to be performed in a constant rhythm or once.

Golbal Functions

Here you can define functions that are to be called several times by different methods.

Global Events

Like the global functions, global events can be called at any time using different methods.

This includes classic inputs via external input devices such as touch screen monitors, keyboards, mice or Presenter.

On Screen Activation

As the name suggests, a script defined here will always be executed when the corresponding screen is loaded for the first time.

On Data Refresh

This script is executed whenever new data has been loaded for the data source.

Such a script can be created by adding an update script either under Scripts - When updating data by clicking Add for the corresponding data source or by right-clicking on the data source.

For controls

Here you can find all scripts that were created using the Events function of a control.

These events are certain actions that can be triggered with the help of a control.

The following list contains all events possible with Peakboard as well as the corresponding controls.