Data sources

Google Spreadsheets

The Google Spreadsheets data source is used to extract tabular data from Google Spreadsheets and then use it in Peakboard like any other data source.

Authorizing access to Google

In addition to the obligatory name of the data source, a connection to a Google Account must first be established. This is done via the Authorize button. A login window opens in which the Google Account must be entered. Peakboard as the application must then be given the right to read spreadsheets. This works exactly like any other third-party access. Username and password actually have no contact at all with the Peakboard Designer. Only a token is generated, stored in the package and later transferred to the box. You can also revoke this access within your Google Account, if necessary.


Setting up Spreadsheets access

The button with the three dots allows you to browse through the Google Drive folder structure containing the spreadsheets. After the selection with the double-click the path and file name are put into the appropriate text field and the desired sheet can be selected. The following settings are possible to select the correct section from the spreadsheets as the data basis:

Clicking Load Data in the preview displays the data according to the settings and updates the metadata in the column list.


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