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Modbus is an open communications protocol. With Modbus, a client such as Peakboard and several servers can be connected. The Peakboard Designer uses the Modbus/TCP mode for data transmission. Much more information about Modbus can be found at

To connect the Modbus data source, select the data source [Modbus] under [Add Data Source]. (1)

Add Modbus data source

In the following dialog you fill the fields in the [Connection] section with the corresponding server data (slave). (2)

In the area [Specify] (3) you can choose between four different read modes:

  • Read Coils
  • Read Discrete Inputs
  • Read Holding Registers
  • Read Input Registers

Here you also select the start address and the number of data points to be read.

To check the plausibility of the data click on the button [Load Data] to generate a preview. (4)

Configure Modbus data source

After that you confirm the creation of the data source by clicking the [OK] button. (5)

Configure Modbus data source

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