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Efficient and fast use of the Peakboard Designer with the quick access bar and hotkeys

The quick access bar and hotkeys both aim to improve the user experience in the Peakboard Designer and increase efficiency.

The quick access bar

The quick access bar allows you to access the most frequently used functions and tools in one easily accessible location. This saves time as you don’t have to navigate through menus to access these functions. If you are new to Peakboard Designer, the quick access bar can serve as a helpful guide to quickly learn and use basic and important functions. This makes your learning curve much steeper when familiarizing yourself with the Peakboard Designer.

Using the quick access bar

To access the quick access bar, use the hotkeys [Ctrl + K] or click on the corresponding quick access bar field (1) in the menu bar. You will find a list of other hotkeys in the Peakboard Designer in the second part of this article.

Open quick access bar

The quick access bar is divided into two areas. A scrollable menu area (1) with all available functions and the search bar (2) with which you can search through the functions.

Quick access bar

The quick access bar provides many different functions of the Peakboard Designer. You can add data sources, controls, dataflows, variables, resources or screens to your current project or delete existing elements by entering the corresponding keyword, for example [add JSON] and clicking on the function or pressing the [Enter] key. The corresponding dialog for adding is displayed automatically when you click or confirm with the [Enter] key.

Add data source

The quick access bar expands automatically when elements are added with options that match the existing elements in the project. Unused data sources, resources or variables can also be displayed via the quick access bar.

Element-specific options

In addition to adding and removing elements and their element-specific options, you can also access all menu bar options via the quick access bar. You can open new projects, save the current project, make settings for the Peakboard Designer or your project, open the font manager or the project colors and access the settings of your Peakboard Boxes, Peakboard Edge or Peakboard Hub.


Hotkeys, also known as keyboard shortcuts, are also designed to improve your user experience by making the Peakboard Designer more efficient and faster to use.

While the quick access bar allows you to quickly access the functions of the Peakboard Designer by typing and clicking with the mouse, hotkeys offer the possibility to perform some actions even faster via the keyboard by complementing the graphical user interface, which also includes the quick access bar. Some hidden options for which there is no menu item can also be executed via hotkeys. This can save time, especially for advanced users or those who prefer to use the mouse even less.

For users with physical limitations or those who have difficulty with precise mouse control, hotkeys can provide a more accessible way to utilize Peakboard Designer’s features and expand accessibility. While the Quick Access Bar is intuitive and easier for beginners to learn, hotkeys require a certain amount of learning and familiarization.

Using hotkeys

Hotkeys can be found in various areas of the Peakboard Designer. They are often listed in the context menu behind the respective options (1).


You can currently find the following hotkeys in the various areas of the Peakboard Designer

In the Peakboard Designer

Hotkeys Effect
Ctrl + K Opens the Quick Access Bar
Ctrl + 1 Sets the zoom level of the workspace to 100%
Ctrl + 0 Fits the workspace into the window
Ctrl + S Save file
Ctrl + O Open file
Ctrl + N New file
Arrow keys up and down + Enter Navigates through drop-down menus and selects an element
Page up and down navigate between multiple screens
F5 Start preview
Hold down G Show grid

In the Peakboard Designer workspace with a control selected

Hotkeys Effect
Ctrl + 2 Adjusts the zoom level of the workspace to the currently selected control
Ctrl + C Copies the control
Ctrl + V Pastes the copied control
Ctrl + Z Undoes the last step
Del Deletes the control
Alt + Shift + F Brings the control to the front
Alt + Ctrl + F Moves the control one level forward
Alt + Ctrl + B Moves the control back one level
Alt + Shift + B Moves the control to the back
Ctrl + F Opens the conditional formatting dialog
Shift + arrow keys Moves the control 10 px in the selected direction
Esc Deselects the currently active control

In the Peakboard Designer workspace with multiple controls selected

Hotkeys Effect
Ctrl + G Group controls
Ctrl + Shift + G Ungroup controls

In the script editor

Hotkeys Effect
Ctrl + Space Show IntelliSense options

In the preview or an active visualization on the Peakboard Boxes

Hotkeys Effect
Ctrl + I Opens and closes the info panel
Ctrl + L Opens and closes the log
Esc Window mode
Ctrl + F Fullscreen mode

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