Peakboard Script Editor

To create complex Lua-Scripts an editor is necessary. The Designer provides its own script editor for this purpose.

The following illustration illustrates this editor using the example of a timer script.

The structure is for the scripts Timer, Global Function, Global Events,On Screen Activation, On Data Update or For Controls.


Above the script tree on the right side (1) there is a button for out and a button for commenting.

The magnifying glass is the third button that symbolizes the Search, Search and Replace function, which can also be called using the key combination Ctrl+F.

The script tree (2) contains the elements Timer, Types, Runtime as well as some of the most frequently used functions. A detailed overview can be found here.

The tree on the left side (3) allows you to navigate through the different scripts without leaving the editor. A detailed overview of the scripts can be found here.

In the middle area (4) you can enter the script.

With the help of the validation function (5) the created script can be checked for its correctness.

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