Peakboard 2 - Update from USB stick

To upgrade a Peakboard Box to a Peakboard 2 Box, a corresponding USB stick can be requested from the sales team The update to a Peakboard 2 Box is free of charge for all customers with a valid Service Level Agreement (SLA) identification number.

To update the Peakboard Boxes, this USB stick must be inserted into the USB 3.0 port of the respective Peakboard Box. This is the middle, blue USB port. Afterwards, the Box is restarted with the stick connected. The installation will then run completely automatically. During the setup process, simply remove the USB stick to continue the installation. The installation takes about 30 minutes.

The following points must be observed in advance

  • The box will be reset to factory settings, so all visualizations that must be on the box must be saved in advance! After the installation the Box ID and the license is required, therefore this information must also be saved in advance!
  • Since the installation is performed automatically, the USB stick should only be connected to boxes which are intended for the update!
  • The USB stick should be kept safe to prevent misuse!

After the initial dashboard is displayed, the Box can be connected to the Peakboard Designer via the displayed IP address. You will be asked to enter the previously saved license and name. Afterwards the update of the Peakboard 2 Box is finished.


If you have questions or problems, please contact our support team at

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