Changing the application

Depending on the application, it may be necessary to replace the application on a Peakboard Boxes with another application. There are several ways to change the application. The way with the most extensive options is via the Peakboard Designer. To do this, the Peakboard Box must be accessible via the network for the device on which the Peakboard Designer is running. Only one application can run on a Peakboard Box at a time. However, it can consist of several screens.

Change application in the Peakboard Designer

To change the current application of your Peakboard Box, click on the Peakboard Box icon to open the Peakboard Box settings (1).

Open Peakboard Box Settings

Select the desired Peakboard Box in the left-hand area (1). You can change the displayed application in the [General] tab. Use the [Upload visualization] button (2) to upload the currently opened application to the selected Peakboard Box.

Upload application

Further down in the [Visualization] area you have more options. Here you can select the orientation of the application (1) and the keyboard layout (2). You can use the drop-down menu (3) to select which application should be displayed from those that have already been uploaded. To the right of the drop-down menu, you can download (4), delete (5), start (6) or stop (7) the current application.

To change the application, select the desired application from the drop-down list and click on the start button to start the application.

Manage applications

As an alternative to changing the application in the Peakboard Designer, you can also change your application in the Peakboard Hub, in the Peakboard Hub online or via Peakboard web access.

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