Data sources

Peakboard Hub List

At first, connect Peakboard Hub to Peakboard Designer.

Then click on [Add new data source] in the Peakboard Designer and select [Peakboard Hub List]. Next, choose a name for the data source, define a loading interval, and enter the URL for Peakboard Hub in the [Peakboard Hub URL] field. Under [Token] you can also specify the previously defined token. Now click on [Load Lists] and select a list, where you can upload your data using [Load Data].

Create Peakboard Hub List

If you want to write data to the Peakboard Hub list, you can do this using a Lua script. For this you can simply use the commands that are suggested in the script editor on the right side. For example, to add a new row, use the following command:

	data.HubList.appendentry({MyString='', MyNum=0})

![Peakboard Hub List Lua Code Snipped

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