Data sources

Writing to an SAP function module

In SAP, any function module of the SAP system can be called via Peakboard. It is important that this function module is remote-enabled. With Peakboard, the function module (Z_Function_Module) can be called and export parameters can be transferred. These can then be processed further within the function module on the SAP side.

An SAP data source is first created in the Peakboard Designer (YourSAPDatasource). This can be used both to display data from the SAP system and to write data back.

The export parameter can come from different data sources, for example, a variable created in the Peakboard (PeakboardVariable).

lua local con = data.YourSAPDatasource.getconnection() -- Connect to SAP system -- Execute XtractQL statements local res = sap.execute(con, "EXECUTE FUNCTION 'Z_Function_Module' EXPORTS YourColumn = '" .. data.PeakboardVariable ... "'") -- Disconnect from SAP system con.close() `

YourSAPDatasource = Name of the created SAP connection
Z_Function_Module = Function module that is configured for writing to SAP
YourColumn = Column of the function module into which the data is to be written
PeakboardVariable = Variable created in the Peakboard, which contains the value to be written