General Properties

All Controls that are available in the Toolbox at the top right have properties. These include, on the one hand, special properties that only apply to the Control in question, but also general properties that can be found in almost every Control, or at least in many Controls. To avoid having to explain all properties again and again on every help page, the properties that appear for more than one Control are summarized in the following list

Property Description
Name Is a unique name for the control (without special characters) to access from scripts. Only if the control is actually used by scripts, a name must be assigned.
Height Is the height in pixels.
Margin Cannot be changed directly, but represents the position of the control on the board (x, y-coordinate)
Visible is usually set from scripts. Assigns the state visibility.visible for visible or visibility.collapsed for invisible to a control in a script.
Width Is the width in pixels.
Events This property can be used to call a dialog containing one or more scripts that are called when events of the control occur.
Font Represents a font from the font manager. Some controls have multiple font properties, such as the Table Grid: One for the header, and one for the rest.
Background Is the color of the background.
Foreground Is the color of the foreground (what exactly is the “foreground” depends on the control).

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