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This page explains the individual features when accessing the mail data source. Under the following link you will find a tutorial on how to configure external data sources in general and how to connect them to peakboard elements:

First steps with external data sources using the example of an XML data source

The mail data source allows access to an e-mail mailbox via Imap. It is usually used to send messages to a peakboard box via a very simple way. In general, there are two patterns of using the data source:

  • The content of the mailbox is simply displayed as a tabular data source. Each line corresponds to an e-mail.
  • Each incoming e-mail triggers an event into which LUA script code can be integrated.

Which strategy is the better one depends on the individual case and also depends on programming skills.

  • IMAP and Port is the network address and port of the mail server
  • With the button you reach a separate window for entering username and password
  • Folder is the subfolder of the mailbox to be read, normally INBOX
  • Entire Message defines whether the complete message should be downloaded or only the subject
  • Content Type defines whether the mail content is to be delivered in unformatted text or HTML format

In case you want to react to incoming mails via scripting, please use the Message Handle Script routine.


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