Data sources

Date and Time

The Peakboard Box currently has no way of remembering the time beyond the next restart. For this reason, it is possible to integrate date and time as a normal data source within the Designer. The data source is not tabular, but only a scalar single value.

The format specification defines how the time or date or a combination thereof is to be displayed. The individual format components can be found in the table below. If a time zone other than CET is to be used for time calculation, the corresponding combo box is available.

By default, the time data source accesses the Windows time server on the Internet (specifically on If this is not desired or if Peakboard is operated in a network without Internet access, Peakboard can also retrieve the time from an internal network time server. For this purpose the IP address or the host name of the timeserver is written into the corresponding text field (2) under Time Server (1).


In order to use a local Windows computer as a timeserver, a registry entry must be adapted. To do this, the value [Enabled] must first be set to 1 (true) in the registry in the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\W32Time\TimeProviders\NtpServer\.

Then the Command window must be executed as Administrator and the following command must be entered: w32tm /config /update

Add Time Dialog

The following screenshot shows how the time can be used by drag and drop (1) on the screen. Alternatively, the data source can be bound to controls or used via script, just like any other data source. In the control editor the display format for a German or English layout can be adapted or a separate format (3) can be created via Format.

Place Time

The current date and time are now displayed in the preview.

Preview Time

Placeholder for the format string:

HH: Hour (00 - 24)
hh: hour (00 - 12)
mm: minute
ss: second
dd: Day
MM: Month (number) e.g. 11
MMMM: Month (text) e.g. November
yy: double-digit year e.g. 89
yyyy: four-digit year e.g. 1989