Data sources


JSON is a hierarchical format. It is used to transfer and store structured data.

Since Peakboard data sources are always tabular, you may need to select a section of the JSON file.

It is possible to reference either an array or a complex object within the JSON source. In the case of an array, the target table in Peakboard has any number of rows; in the case of the object, it has exactly one row with all the elements of the object as columns.

To configure the JSON data source, you give it a name (1) and specify the URL to the source in the [Connection] section (2). If your source requires authentication, you can also select the authentication type there (3) and enter the corresponding data.

Configure JSON data source

If you don’t have your own URL to a JSON data source handy, you can use our sample URL to test the use of JSON:

The sample data source contains order data. It provides order number, order date, production target (number of ordered products), product name and product number.

In the [Request] section you can, if necessary, define your own header or body (only for POST and PUT requests) using the [Edit request header or body] button (4). For the body, you can also create a script.

If you want to use only a part of the JSON content, you have to formulate a JSONPath expression pointing to the start element in the [Specify details] section in the [Path] text box (5). An empty JSONPath expression takes the root element as its start.

The field [Max. rows] (6) limits the number of rows to a certain value.

When all settings are done, you can preview the data with [Load data] (7).

Configure JSON data source

In the preview, you have the possibility to change the data type of the respective columns (8).

Configure JSON data source

Check the following link for a tutorial on how to generally configure external data sources and link them to Peakboard elements:

Getting started with external data sources using an XML data source as an example.

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