Updating the Peakboard Box

To update the Peakboard Box, click the Manage button in the ribbon of the upper Peakboard Designer area. A new window will open.

If the Peakboard Box you want to update is not in the list, please follow this Link.

You have the possibility to start an update for one or more Peakboard Boxes at the same time. To do this, simply select all boxes for which an update is to be made. In general, there are two possibilities for an update.

Manage Dialog Update Device

If the workstation with the Peakboard Designer has an active Internet connection, the update can be executed by clicking on the Update button.

If this workstation is in an isolated network, the update can be performed by means of an update file. You can download this file here and then make it available to the Peakboard Designer via network drive or USB stick. And start the update process via Update from File.

After a short moment your Peakboard Box is updated.

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