Adding a certificate to the certificate management

The certificate management contains all certificates of a visualization and allows you to manage them. This also includes the certificates for OPC UA or MQTT.

Open the dialog under [Settings] and [Manage Certificates] in the Peakboard Designer. Manage Certificates

You can also load certificates into the Windows certificate store on the Peakboard Box. Select [Peakboard Box] (4) in the dropdown menu. Then you can import certificates in the common certificate or certificate archive formats. The import always takes place within the currently selected category. The individual categories (3) correspond to subfolders from the Windows “local machine” certificate store.

Manage Certificates Dialog

For the categories (3) the following applies:

  • TrustedPeople - certificates that can be trusted (mostly .cer, .crt, .der,.. files, but can also be .pfx and .p12).
  • Rejected - certificates that should be rejected

Hint: All certificates of the type Peakboard Box are uploaded to the respective folder in the Windows certificate store of the Peakboard Box when a visualization is started and removed again when the visualization is stopped.

Attention! The MQTT and OPC UA certificates are included in the visualization as a file and are used directly by the respective data source.

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