Data sources

Main class ExtensionBase

The following explanations refer to an example that can be downloaded here.

Within the extension, the main class inherits from the parent class ExtensionBase and represents the extension itself, especially the metadata. The method GetDefinitionOverride to be overwritten returns the metadata:

``cs protected override ExtensionDefinition GetDefinitionOverride() { // Create the extension definition return new ExtensionDefinition { ID = “AirportCondition”, // Must be unqiue over all extensions, so may use a namespace notation Name = “Airport Weather Condition”, Description = “This is a sample implementation for using UI in a Peakboard Extension Version = “1.0”, Author = “Gustavo Fring” Company = “Los Pollos Hermanos, Inc.” Copyright = “Copyright © Los Pollos Hermanos, Inc.” }; }

The GetCustomListsOverride method returns references to all individual data sources of the extension. In most cases, this is exactly one, but there could also be multiple data sources per extension:
        protected override CustomListCollection GetCustomListsOverride()
            return new CustomListCollection
                new AirportConditionCustomList(),

If desired, an attribute can be used to specify the reference to an image file that is used as an icon in the Designer menu: cs [ExtensionIcon("PeakboardExtensionAirportConditions.airplane.png")] public class AirportConditionExtension : ExtensionBase `

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