Peakboard Hub - Shared Variable Lists

In the section [Shared Variable Lists] you create tables that are used for reading Peakboard Boxes as well as for writing. To do this, enter a name for the list under [Add Variable List] and define a token that grants access to this list. Next, create the desired columns for the table.

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When you confirm the dialogue, this list is displayed. You can open it with a click and add or edit rows. To use the list, click on [Add new data source] in the Peakboard Designer and select the data source [Peakboard Hub List]. Choose a name for the data source, define a loading interval, and enter the URL for Peakboard Hub in the field [Peakboard HUB URL]. Under [Token] you can enter the token you defined earlier. Now click on [Load Lists] and select a list. Load the data via [Load Data].

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If you want to write data into the Peakboard Hub list, this takes place via a Lua script. You can use the commands suggested in the script editor on the right. For example, you can add a new line with the following command:

	data.HubList.appendentry({MyString='', MyNum=0})

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