Quick tip - e-mail notification

The following script example shows you how to send an automated e-mail when an event occurs.

if data.Machine1Error == true then
   mail.send('','Machine 1 has an error!','Please check this as soon as possible!!!')


if data.Machine1Error == true then
   mail.sendwithscreenshot('','Machine 1 has an error!','Please check the attached screenshot to find out what the error is.')

For the IF condition, a corresponding data source must be available. As a refreshed event, you have to check in the data source if the condition is true. Then you can send an email with a given text using mail.send(‘[mailTo]’,’[Subject]’,’[Body]’) or with mail.sendwithscreenshot(‘[mailTo]’,’[Subject]’,’[Body]’) to send an email with an additional screenshot of the visualization attached.

This short example can be freely and creatively adapted to your own needs. For example, exceeding a defined threshold value can also act as a triggering condition. Simply adjust the respective parameters according to your needs.

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