Using Custom Fonts

By default, Peakboard supports a whole range of pre-defined Windows fonts; for text boxes, tables and everywhere where text is used for visualization.

If the default fonts are not enough, you can add new fonts to a package. To do this, you need the font as a true-type font file with the extension .ttf. The file must correspond exactly to the logical name of the font so that it can be processed correctly by Peakboard. You can find out the correct name by double-clicking the file in Explorer. The name is then displayed at the top.


To use the font in the designer, it must first be added to the resources:


If the ttf file has been added to the package as a resource, it is available in the font selection and can be used. During the deployment process, the ttf file is transported with the package to the Peakboard-Box. No further actions are therefore necessary.



Under the following links you will find an overview of the Google Webfonts:


You can download the matching ttf-files here:


The ttf files are located in the directory ofl.

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