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Variables and lists can be set or changed outside the designer and the box via the Peakboard App or Web access. Here, the variables and lists released for access are addressed via the Peakboard API. For this to be possible, the check mark for the push via API must be set for the desired elements. If these changes should also be available after a restart of the box or the visualization, the check mark for saving on the box must also be set.


To manage variables and lists comfortably from your smartphone, the app is called “Peakboard Manager” which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The following screenshots show how to use the app using the example Welcome screen. If the app is successfully installed on the smartphone, the first Peakboard Box can be added via the + symbol (1). The prerequisite for this is that the box and smartphone are in the same network or connected via VPN, analogous to adding in the Designer. In the following dialog, enter the name of the box and the supplied login data and confirm with the check mark (2). If the process was successful, the added box is now in the device overview (3).


If the box is selected, the eye symbol (4) can be used to display a current screenshot of the visualization (5). Back in the box overview, the + symbol (6) adds the previously released “Visitors” list. A new entry is then added to the list (7) via + (8).


In the dialog opened in step 8, the desired information is entered and confirmed with a tick (9). The new entry (10) can now be found in the overview. Finally, a new screenshot can be used to check whether the changes have been successfully transferred to the box (11).


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