Peakboard Hub - Manage Peakboard Boxes

Under [Peakboard Boxes] and [Add new Peakboard Box], add the desired Peakboard Boxes with the user data to Peakboard Hub. Now define on the right in which display you want to show your Peakboard Boxes.

Screenshots of your Peakboard Boxes are loaded at regular intervals and a green circle next to the name of the respective Peakboard Box indicates whether it is accessible or not. In addition, you can see the IP address, the username and the runtime version and can carry out actions such as restarts or updates.

Click on the name of the Peakboard Box or on the screenshot to access the detail page. Here you can change, for example, the network connection and the hostname, the IP address, the active visualization, the properties such as the license and the users of the Peakboard Box. You can also find the log files of the Peakboard Boxes and the current load of the system here.

Manage Peakboard Boxes

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