Data sources

Introduction and Overview is a cloud-based portal that allows Peakboard users to perform simple administrative tasks, design and data maintenance. It is to be seen as a supplement or simplification for certain user groups, but not as a must. The traditional combination of Peakboard Designer and Runtime is enough to meet all requirements without any contact with the Internet. is just an accelerator or simplifier for certain scenarios.

The following objects can currently be created and maintained in the portal:

The following data source for is available in the Designer:

And the following controls are available in the toolbox for integrating objects:


In order to use the Peakboard. io portal, you have to register it on the portal as usual. The registration requires a valid email address, which you have to confirm. The registration and registration process is trivial and is not explained in more detail here.


After successful registration please click on the user profile. There you can copy your API key to the cache. You will need it later to authenticate your board in the Designer against the portal. If there is no API key, you can create a new one with the small Recycle button. Please note that by creating a new key, all old keys lose their validity.


As soon as you want to use a data source or a control in Designer that requires a account, the following dialog opens. Enter your user name and the above-mentioned API key. From now on all objects of this account are available in the board without any further authentication.