You can use the Tableau View Control element to display tableau views on the Peakboard. The Tabelau View is located on a tableau server and is also rendered there. Peakboard serves as a display.


In order for Peakboard to gain access to the Tableau Server, you must set the IP address of Peakboard on the server as “Trusted”:

  1. On the Tableau Server, start the Tableau console window as administrator. The console window can be found in C: \Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.2\bin

  2. Execute the following commands:

tab admin stop
tabadmin set wgserver. trusted_hosts “<IP address of Peakboard >”
tabadmin config
tab admin start

More information can be found at: In the Tableau View Control, the following options must be filled in the properties window:

Server: IP address of the tableau server

Username: Name of the user on the tableau server

Workbook: Name of the tableau workbook containing the view.

View: The name of the view you want to display on the Peakboard

The following two pictures show an original tableau dashboard on the tableau server and the representation on a Peakboard panel.