Setting up Wi-Fi

To set up the WLAN of the Peakboard Box, it must first be connected with a network cable and the WLAN USB adapter supplied must be connected. If the Peakboard Box is still in its initial state, an IP address should be displayed on the screen as soon as the connection to the network has been established.

Now start the Peakboard Designer and add the new Peakboard-Box to the Designer as described here. To activate the WLAN connection, first open the “Manage/Upload” dialog (1) and select the appropriate box(es) (2). Double-click on the box or boxes to open the “Settings” dialog. Here you will find the Wi-Fi connection in the “Connection Settings” section (3). Use the […] button to open the WiFi dialog where you can find all available WLAN connections (4). Now select the desired network and enter the corresponding password. Click on “Connect” to activate the connection.

WiFi Connection

Then restart the system using the corresponding button under “Actions” and disconnect the network cable.

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