Add a certificate

First, the certificate must exist as a file on the file system.

The easiest way to save it is for example from Chrome.

Go to the https page there; Ctrl+Shift+I and then display the certificate in the “Security” tab.

From there you can save to a file in the tab “Details”. DER (*.cer) is sufficient for this case.

Zertifikat Details

Copy the exported file to the device.

To do this, access the share \<ip-adress-peakboard-box>\Share in Windows Explorer and store it there.

Enter the user name and password of the PBAdmin.

Window Explorer

Then connect to the device via PowerShell.

Running a PowerShell locally as an administrator

When connected, import the certificate into the certificate store:


Now the certificate should automatically be classified as trustworthy when invoked.

However, the prerequisite is that it is otherwise a correctly issued certificate, i.e. it must no longer have been created with SHA-1 and the host name of the server from the URL must match the name in the certificate.

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