Setting up Wi-Fi

To set up the Wi-Fi of the Peakboard Box, it must first be connected to a network cable and the Wi-Fi USB adapter supplied must be connected. If the Peakboard Box is still in its initial state, an IP address should be displayed on the screen as soon as the connection to the network has been established.

Now start the Peakboard Designer and add the new Peakboard Box as described here to the Designer. To activate the Wi-Fi connection, first open the Manage/Deploy dialog (1) and select the corresponding box(es) (2). Then you reach the Wi-Fi dialog via Settings (3) - Wi-Fi Connection (4) where you will find all available Wi-Fi networks (5). Now select the desired network and enter the corresponding password. Activate the connection via Connect (6).

Wi-Fi Connection

Finally, the Peakboard Box is restarted and the network cable connection can be disconnected. The Peakboard Box is now in the Wi-Fi network.

Alternatively, Wi-Fi activation can also be performed via the Windows IoT administration interface of the Peakboard Box.

To do this, connect the Peakboard Box as mentioned above. Instead of the Peakboard Designer, use the following URL to open the Windows IoT administration interface of the Peakboard Box: http://[BoxName]:8080 The box name is printed on the Peakboard Box and could be e.g. PB1234. In this case the correct URL would be http://PB1234:8080

Here you can now expand the Connectivity menu item on the left and then select Network. There you should find a list of all available Wi-Fi networks.

Select the desired one and enter the Wi-Fi key.

It is important that you then restart the box using the Power button so that the changes are retained.

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